Experience serene Lapland ice fishing. Our guide provides gear and prepares your fish after you catch them. Join a snowmobile safari to Ärjäyslampi, Relax at a hunters’ lodge by the picturesque lake. Discover Sami traditions through winter ice fishing. Feel the thrill when a fish bites. Interested in experiencing life like a Sami? Join our activities!


Ice fishing is one of the activities should not miss. It fits for all age people. You can enjoy Lapland arctic beauty and have chance to enjoy the silence. All the places that we choose for ice-fishing not only offer a good chance to catch something but are also meant to restore tranquility and peace of mind. We prepare you warm proper clothes and boot. Our guide will prepare the fish after you catch them.

Duration: 2 hours

5-11 Years Old


Have snowmobile safari to Ärjäyslampi, this is a trip which offers great driving experience and combined with the beautiful scenery with wilderness of Lapland. The safari departs from the Hotel Suomutunturi and drive through scenic landscapes to lake Ärjäyslampi, the distance is about 24 kilometres away.

There is a wind- sheltered hunters-lodge building on the lake side, at there the coffee will be prepared. The participants have an opportunity to experience the picturesque lake landscapes of Lapland. In Lapland, farming, hunting, and fishing is the old tradition of Sami, they kept the tradition until now. Fishing in winter is one of the unique experiences you can have.

The ice fishing season begins in winter when lakes freeze. Ärjäyslampi in Suomu Lapland offer excellent possibilities for ice fishing. Ice fishing is relaxing leisure sport what Finns do during the winter, surrounded by the nature where is no distractions, focus on the fishing pole and clear your mind. The thrilling moment comes when the fish bites your hook. Want to join the activities to feel like a Sami?

Duration: 4 hours

5-11 Years Old
2 Person in a Snowmobile
Single Driving

* We reserve the right to change program and price according to the situation.

* Minimum 2 people per booking.

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