For an enchanting experience closer to nature, explore our Lakefront Sauna. Overlooking the pristine lake, it presents an opportunity to harmonize your senses with the serene elements of the Finnish wilderness.

The Lakefront Sauna boasts panoramic views, offering a mesmerizing spectacle as the day fades into the mesmerizing twilight.

Step out into the brisk air and let your worries melt away in our outdoor Hot Tub. Soak in the warm waters, savoring the stark contrast of the cool air and the starlit sky. There’s nothing quite like the combination of bubbling warmth and a crisp winter night to reinvigorate your spirit.

But our offering doesn’t stop there. To heighten your sauna experience, we provide a delightful range of snacks and drinks. Relish in local Finnish delicacies and refreshments served at your leisure, adding a touch of culinary delight to your wellness journey.

So, whether you’re a seasoned skier looking to unwind after an exhilarating day or just someone seeking a tranquil retreat, our Suomu’s saunas are your idyllic sanctuary.

Experience the rejuvenating fusion of Finnish sauna tradition, luxurious comfort, and picturesque views – an experience you’ll
cherish forever.

Join us at the Suomu, and let your warmth-filled adventure begin!
Relax in the hot Open-air Jacuz

We provide bath towel, hot juice and snacks.

Duration: 2 hours

* We reserve the right to change program and price according to the situation.

* Minimum 2 people per booking. 

* Only 11years and above is allowed.


Hotelli Suomutunturi

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Saapuminen Kemijärvelle autojunalla, josta perille on 44 kilometriä. Junalta myös kuljetus edulliseen hintaan kutsutaksilla.